Recovering a Sense of Abundance


I am about to begin week six of The Artist’s Way course. The course itself focuses on ‘recovery’, therefore every week is entitled ‘recovering a sense of…’ So far I have, according to Julia Cameron, recovered a sense of safety, identity, power, integrity and possibility. This week will be all about abundance.

To be honest, I don’t really feel abundance is something I have issues with. I’m not rich, but I do have a spending problem. I spoil myself too much. For example, for my birthday a couple of weeks back my brother bought me a €40 voucher for my favourite bookshop. Naturally, I went out immediately and bought about four books I have been wanting to buy. But I didn’t stop there. What about the other books I wanted? With just €6 left on my voucher, I bought myself three more books that obviously went over the margin. I just can’t help myself. It is rare when I talk myself out of buying something, yet one of my biggest fears is falling into massive debt.

This week, Julia is asking me to spoil myself, even just a little. Spoiling myself a little would certainly be an improvement, but not in the way she describes it to be. I feel as though this chapter is aimed at those who deny themselves any treats. I respect those people, I really do. I won’t deny myself completely, but my biggest aim this week is to reduce my spending as much as possible. According to Professor Richard Wiseman, happiness is buying experiences, not materials. And I do want experiences.


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