Creative U-Turns

Turning down the MA in Journalism was one of my most regrettable decisions. Creative U-turns, Julia calls them. However, I have rectified that by applying again, informing them that I had applied before and reassuring them that I was 100% ready to do the course this time, and I am…I think!


Maybe my pessimism is blocking out new ideas, not necessarily story ideas, but ways in which I can nurture myself into becoming a confident writer. For example, my epiphany about the dangers of writing out story ideas before beginning the actual story. Another came to me just last Sunday. I was reading the next chapter of my course book and I suddenly decided that I would love to do a Creative Writing course. It came to me while I was reading about Creative U-Turns. Whilst the Journalism masters is my biggest regret, I also look back on the Creative Writing class I dropped out of after one session because I felt intimidated. Now is my chance to rectify that!

I Googled courses in my area and found one called Beginners of Writing Fiction. I have been writing stories all my life, but I am very much a beginner because I’ve only ever based my writing on those who have already been published. I’ve so many issues that I look past when writing my stories: character development, especially. A six-week course could be just what I need to help me improve. I signed up just last night, with the first class beginning on the 24th of April.

I do hope I receive more epiphanies!


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