Masters has begun

I am officially a Journalism Masters student, and already I sort of feel like an amateur. People around me are writing these amazing articles with excellent writing, and all I’ve written is a lousy survival guide for undergraduate students. I really want to write an article on introversion in third level (you can see I love that topic) but I just don’t know where to start. I’m pretty sure the pressure I’m putting on myself to write it isn’t helping.

Article writing has never been my strong point. I’m hoping this course will change that, but I also wish that everyone was just as amateurish about it as I am. Instead I’m surrounded by people who have gotten articles published in well-known publications. Write articles for fun (fun!) and therefore have a load to submit to our college newspaper.

It’s not my intention to self-pity myself on this. This is the only place online where I can let this all out without my classmates knowing what’s on my mind.

The end.


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