Innie the Introverted Store Assistant*

Hello, my name is Innie and I’ve just landed a job working as a checkout operator in my local food store. It seems easy enough. I just scan through the groceries and take the money – piece of cake! I may have to engage with customers, but I can deal with that as long as it’s one at a time. I’m not completely socially crippled, I’d just rather be alone with my thoughts. So why am I working in retail, you might ask? One word.


Everything in this world costs money and right now, this is my only means to get it as I power through college to ensure I don’t end up…well, working in retail!

“Are you sure you’ll be able to work in retail?” my mother asked me when I told her of my interview. “You’ll get a lot of hassle.”

I hate confrontation so I’m sure I can avoid it. Right?

My first proper day seems to be going well. I’ve been trained and now I’m on my own till. Just scanning, taking money and giving change. Occasionally I chit-chat. All good so far.

An elderly man approaches my till and I gladly scan his items through. When I tell him the total, he whips out some notes to give to me, but pauses to ask me a question.

“Do you give cash-back on cash?”

Me: ………………..


*This is a little series I’m testing the water of. It’s based on my own experiences in retail, but obviously I won’t be using real names and some events may be exaggerated at times. Let me know what you think!