Innie the Introverted Store Assistant: Stay in School

Working on the self service tills can be very stressful. You’re given eight separate tills to supervise and it’s impossible to spot shoplifters on a busy day. To make my life easier, I carry the plastic bags on my arm so I can give it to customers without them needing to search for them.
It’s worth noting that in Ireland, it’s 22c for a standard plastic bag, which goes to the Government, not the store.
Its lunchtime on a Tuesday and it’s starting to get busy. A young girl of about 15 or 16 approaches me, obviously from the community school across the road, judging by her uniform.
‘Where do you get them bags?’ she asks, indicating the wad of plastic bags on my arm.
I’m confused. Perhaps she didn’t see the bags in my hand, but…
‘These bags?’ I reply, holding up the plastic bags.
‘Uh…from me?’
‘Oh right. Can I have one?’


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