Checking in (part two)

The 3-minute breathing space is one of the formal meditation in Penman and Williams’ course. It is recommended that you carry it out twice a day. I did it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I felt it would be good to check in how I am at the start of the day, and then how I am at the end of it.

It starts with determining the “weather pattern” of your mind. For me, I make a list of everything that’s bothering me, because unfortunately my depression and anxiety doesn’t allow for anything else. Then you have to see how your body is feeling. Is it tense? Relaxed? Do you have a headache? etc.

The next step involves simply focusing on your breathing. You can count if you want, e.g. in-breath one, out-breath one.

The last step involves breathing into your whole body. Imagining your breath is moving into every limb, from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. If you have a particular sensation in your body, an ache, tension, then it’s recommended you aim your breathing at that area.

This is my favourite meditation because it helps me get my thoughts in order, and I find I’m not as tense as I usually am when I start my day. If you can’t commit to any other formal meditation, I recommend this one highly. It’s great for putting things in perspective. It can last longer than 3 minutes also, you simply take how long as you need.


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