JESSIE: Adjustment Period

I’ve been trying to find the right time to update on Jessie’s progress since her sudden blindness. It was hard the first couple of weeks but I think we’re definitely falling into a routine with her now. Sometimes you wouldn’t even know she was blind!

We invested in a safety gate for the stairs, which couldn’t have been recommended enough. It’s now been uninstalled after about a week because Jessie can go up and down the stairs as she pleases. The first time we realised this was one night a couple of weeks back, she opened the (it hadn’t been properly installed yet), went down the stairs, did her business on the sitting room floor and came back upstairs with no one the wiser. Cheeky!

My mother was especially saddened when she thought she could no longer bring Jessie to the park, as it’s recommended to keep them on the same routes. Not one to follow the rules, however, my mother brought her and my other dog Poppy up to the park and allowed Jessie off the lead, while keeping a close eye on her of course. And Jessie loved it! She went around the trees without a bother, perhaps from her memories of going there so many times before.

She still knows when there’s food around. Her appetite is another story, but we associate that with her diabetes, which we’re still trying to manage. She’s not drinking as much water as she used to and she’s pooping indoors less and less, but she eats as if she hasn’t been fed in years! We give her two meals a day with her insulin injections and a snack in between, usually a hard-boiled egg (diabetic recommendation).

Halloween was difficult for her. Never before was she bothered by the bombardment Ireland gets each year with fireworks but this year it seemed to get to her, perhaps because she can’t see and assure herself that they’re not near her. Thank God it’s over!

I will keep you posted on her progress, this was just a quick update. I feel more confident now that she can still have a good quality of life. Even though she can’t see the world, she can still enjoy it.


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