Motivation against depression: exercise

For people suffering from depression, the main benefits of exercise are psychological, as opposed to physical (but that is a plus!). Physical exercise has been known to boost a person’s mood by releasing chemicals called endorphins, giving the feeling of euphoria and reducing the body’s perception of pain.

I took up jogging last year in order to lose weight, with the intention of jogging the annual Women’s Mini Marathon that I had only ever walked. It was a struggle. I injured my foot almost immediately. With the advice of friends and colleagues, I began foam rolling and taking supplements such as Magnesium and Omega 3. I’d love to tell you that I am now an avid runner but unfortunately this also falls into the category of regimes I have given up on.

My reasons for giving up could simply be construed as “giving up” but at the time seemed justified. It is recommended to jog at least three times a week. I jogged both Saturdays and Sundays but found it difficult to find time during the week due to my 9-5 job which took a hour to travel to and from. By the time I got home in the evenings I was beyond exhausted and couldn’t possibly fathom going out for a run. The mornings I ruled out instantly because I was up early as it was.

Maybe they were just excuses, but in the end, I caved. My health nut friend also advised me not to jog two mornings in a row so that essentially put a halt to my weekend ritual. I figured, what’s the point?

I miss jogging now. My foam roller sits unused, my running shoes gathering dust. I would love to get back into it but my circumstances haven’t changed and I may end up throwing in the towel once again, or worse yet, not even try again at all. I decided that once I finish college in three weeks’ time, I would give aqua aerobics a try. Can I combine the two exercises? I could persevere and do aqua aerobics one evening a week and then jog at the weekend (Saturday morning and Sunday evening).

Is that a plan, or wishful thinking?


2 thoughts on “Motivation against depression: exercise

  1. That sounds just like my situation – long days and commutes during the week mean everything has to be squashed into the weekend. My main excuse for giving up though was that I just hate running!

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