Motivation against depression: trusting your own judgement (part 2)

Sadly my car is beyond economic repair. It would cost me €1,250 to get a replacement BCM and even then Opel cannot guarantee that it’ll fix the problem. If they could, I would pay it because I do love that car, in spite of its faults.

My financial situation at the moment doesn’t allow me to be chooser so I may have to downsize to an older car but hopefully one with fewer problems. A majority of my family have the Toyota Yaris of varying ages and I agree that they have had no major issues with them, so naturally they’re swaying me towards one. I’m also considering going back to a Nissan Micra (I’ve had both a 1995 and 2003 model), though the Yaris has a smaller engine which equals to less tax and less petrol. I work an hour away from work on a busy day so a smaller engine would be more economical.

Today my fiancé and I went car browsing and I couldn’t believe how quick I was to jump into the first good deal I was offered. Thankfully my fiancé helped me to be more patient and not be duped by dealers who act like they’re doing you a favour. While I want to trust my own judgement, I’ll admit that I haven’t got the best judgement when it comes to cars, which is probably why I’ve had four cars with problems. Even though my Corsa is playing up, it isn’t dangerous to drive, in fact it drives perfectly, it’s more the internal electrics that are a disaster. So this allows me to be patient and explore my options, and hopefully make a good judgement!


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