I can’t help it, it’s the shoes!

When I first started getting into running, the first thing I knew I needed was a pair of decent running shoes. I swear by Skechers so I invested in a pair from their GoRun range. When I eventually gave up running I always looked at these shoes each morning with a sense of failure as they gathered dust. I figured they would motivate me to keep going.

I started running again recently and they’ve been getting a good work out (pun intended!), but now…

Thanks to reading Owning It by Caroline Foran I’ve finally realised that running just isn’t for me. I should be doing an exercise that makes me feel good, whereas running is hit and miss with me; when I do good I feel good, but when I do bad (which is a lot) I really beat myself up.

And then there’s Aqua Fit…

I don’t think I’m bad at water aerobics but it’s not something I look forward to or even feel a sense of achievement afterwards. Perhaps I need to do it more than once a week instead of combining it with jogging and cycling, but €8 per class is a bit much for my budget.

Now I’m trading my exercises. Firstly, I’m walking [briskly] instead of jogging. And the great thing about this is that I can still wear my GoRun shoes, I’m sure they won’t mind the slower pace!

Secondly, I’m trading Aqua Fit for yoga. I did yoga a few years back and loved it so this is the perfect opportunity for me to get back into it. I’m going to attend 8-10 classes initially and then switch to doing it at home because – again – budget!

But what about my swim shoes?

Yes, I bought swim shoes! They kept me from slipping during the various jumping exercises in the pool. Will they now stare at me miserably each morning as they sit underused? My fiancé and I have unofficially committed to going for a swim once a month so maybe they won’t go entirely to waste.

But just incase, I won’t be buying shoes for walking or yoga (there are actually yoga shoes!).

#365_Today #142_Orange


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