To continue your mindful journey…PAY UP!

I can’t help but be annoyed with certain apps that offer guided meditations with strict limits on the free content. I found one that was really helpful but as soon as I finished the tenth step in the series, I was essentially done unless I wanted to fork over €12.99 per month.

Some apps are good, especially the ones that don’t offer the step-by-step meditations, but rather allow you to do different types based on your mood and physical status (but again, the free content is limited). I say “some” like I’ve tried loads of meditation apps, when in reality I’ve tried about three. These are listed below:

Headspace (€12.99 per month)hero-blog-v2

This is my favourite one and unfortunately you have to pay to access beyond their beginner series. I loved this because of how the meditation itself was structured, especially at the end when you’re told to allow your mind to flow freely for a few seconds, not trying to ground it in anyway. It’s a little reprieve because let’s face it, we do try harder than we should to focus on our breathing. Plus I love their animations!

Calm (€12.99 per month)

This is another series that ends once you reach the end of the basics. It does offer stories to help you fall asleep but I haven’t yet needed to use them. I’ve only just started this one so I can’t comment too much on it.

Stop, Breathe and Think (€11.49 per month)

I love this one because it offers you meditations depending on what mood you’re in. Yes, you’re limited in terms of free content, but it’s still useful. Each meditation has the option of a male or female voice, which helps to change it up when you eventually find yourself only able to listen to the same select few meditations.

Does anyone have any other recommendations? I’d like to keep my guided meditations varied. You might suggest I simply go without the guidance but to be honest I prefer a voice instructing me, otherwise I’m hopeless!


2 thoughts on “To continue your mindful journey…PAY UP!

  1. Have you looked at the social media accounts associated with these apps? I know Headspace has free livestream meditations every Tuesday morning, and they have YouTube content about what’s on the app. They also have some partnership with Spotify–I’m not a Spotify user, but if you are you might be able to access meditation sessions without paying for the Headspace app specifically.
    Calm has free content on the app you can use over and over, as well as some YouTube videos for meditation sessions about 10 minutes long that are completely free.

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