Checking in

I haven’t been on WordPress in a while because once again my lack of motivation has overtaken me. I just get these periods when I avoid certain things I usually enjoy doing, including blogging. I’m not saying I’m back 100% but I will make the effort to update more and fight against my own procrastination.

Quite a few changes have been made in my day-to-day life and I’d like to share them to you in bullet point format:

  • As I mentioned before I’ve started a bullet journal (hence the bullet points!), and I think it’s helped me keep myself motivated in at least some aspects of my life.
  • I’ve started doing yoga again (did I already mention that?). At first I was doing a beginner class on Thursdays and I found the instructor very tough. Another instructor covered for her last Thursday whom I found to be much better so now I’m attending her classes on Mondays. I also hope to practice on my own 1-2 days per week. Anyone know of any good Vinyasa Yoga tutorials on YouTube?
  • I’ve stopped doing the Instagram challenge. You could look at this as a negative but in reality I was finding it a chore and mostly I just scanned through old pictures to try and match the day’s tag. It’s hard to find anything new to photograph when you go to the same places every day.
  • In spite of my rant about having to pay for meditation apps, I gave in and subscribed to Headspace when they offered me a really generous discount. But I love it, and I do it twice a day without feeling like I have to.  But I did get some great advice from a fellow blogger so I thank you!
  • I’m reading more. There was a time when you couldn’t find me without a book in my hands, and even though I’m ahead in my Goodreads reading challenge, I don’t feel like I’m reading enough. So what’s my problem? It could be my addiction to YouTube when I come home in the evenings. I’m not the type of person who can read and listen to stuff at the same time. Or maybe I’m reading books that aren’t that exciting. But that’s changed, I’m reading more enjoyable books now and seem to be flying through them, even if I still choose YouTube over them!
  • I have a story idea. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million times again, but it’s there and I’ve done a little bit of writing with it, but it’s not easy. I should just run with it before I lose interest, that’s the challenge!
  • Probably the greatest achievement I’ve made recently is going to the dentist. I’m not going to tell you how long it’s been, but just know that it’s LONG. Considering my parents paid thousands for periodontal and orthodontic treatment for me, I owe it to them to keep my teeth in good shape. So I went and… it was bad. I had to get a cleaning which I hate, and not only that, I have to get MORE cleaning next week! (It was supposed to be this week but my dentist had to reschedule – secretly delighted!). He also wants to put a retaining bar around the back of my bottom teeth (I have one around the back of my top teeth from my braces) because I have so much bone loss in my bottom jaw and my teeth will eventually come loose. I’m more worried how much it will cost – €70 just for a cleaning! But I’m more thorough now with my teeth cleaning: twice a day I brush, floss, use inter-dental brushes, and rinse. It’s ironic though, I don’t drink, smoke, eat sweets or drink fizzy drinks and yet my teeth (well, my gums) are so bad!

That’s all I can think of for now. If I think of any more I’ll update!


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