Being mindful at a concert

Last night my fiance and I went to see Green Day live at the Royal Kilmainham Hospital in Dublin. If you don’t already know, they’re my favourite band in the whole world.

There are a couple of things that impact my behaviour at concerts. The first is that I can’t be too deep in the crowd (anymore) because I panic. My brother thinks I might have claustrophobia, yet it seems to only occur at gigs. I remember seeing Green Day back in 2008 and I missed a few songs because I got a mild panic attack and had to move to the back away from everybody.19534897_105365613385501_3619840008057257984_n

The second is that I’m always aware of people around me, especially if they’re drunk and rowdy. I know it sounds stupid and uptight, but I wish people didn’t drink at gigs. This was made worse by the fact that the concert last night was outdoors. I spent a silly amount of time being weary of these drunk guys behind me who kept hitting into me and waving their drinks a bit too close to me. For me that just ruins a gig.

Even though I’m learning to be mindful as much as I can, it wasn’t until the lead singer – Billie Joe – told everyone to put their phones away and to be here in the now, that I remembered. And so I put my phone away, even though I’d only taken a couple of [bad] pictures and filmed a few videos. Normally I snap, snap, snap throughout a gig. And I did my best. After all, how often do I get to see this band live? Aside from the fact that I saw them in Berlin back in January, they haven’t performed in Ireland in SEVEN years. So I put myself in the moment and tried to ignore the drunkards behind me and it worked for the most part.

Even though they played for two and a half hours, it wasn’t long enough, but I feel I enjoyed it a bit better than I would if I kept letting my mind focus too much on the anxiety of people crashing into me or spilling their drinks on me (it has happened). I just hope they play here again soon and don’t make me wait another seven years.


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