I decided to get a pedometer to track how many steps I take a day – the ideal amount being 10,000. However, I quickly grew tired of it because it kept resetting whenever I accidentally leaned on it (usually when I was sitting down), so I just use my phone instead.

Anyway, because I work an office job that requires a lot of sitting, my daily steps are pretty low. I’d be lucky to reach 3,000 steps per day. Right now I pay to park my car right across from my office building, but I wonder if maybe it’d be good for me to go back to parking (for free) ten minutes away. During the summer it’s fine because the schools are off and there’s barely any traffic and ample parking. But once the schools are back…

Originally I had invested in a parking pass to ease my stress levels. You see it takes me up to an hour to get to work each morning (and to get home). If I go back to parking ten minutes away, am I just creating unnecessary problems for myself by adding more time to my commute? It’s hard to know what to do. I’m going to ask my fiance and my family for advice because I’m still learning to trust my own judgement.


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