The challenge of being cruelty-free

Way back when I did a blog series in which I discussed different products that were certified to be cruelty-free. If you are someone who aims to use products that haven’t been tested on animals then I’m sure you’re aware of how difficult it is. Some products claim to be cruelty-free when they’re not and you have to make sure that the label they’re using is actually an official cruelty-free label, such as Leaping Bunny.

Yesterday I decided to browse Skechers, as I was planning to get a pair of Go Walks for my upcoming trip to Budapest. I noticed that one of their filters was Vegan so naturally I clicked it and to my relief, the shoes I wanted were in fact vegan. Just out of curiosity I decided to check up on other pairs that I have (the ones that are still on sale) and was horrified to discover that my favourite Skechers boots have suede on them. I was instantly struck with a dilemma. Do I get rid of them? After all wearing them was going against everything I believe in. I hadn’t bought the shoes directly. My mam had bought them and decided that she didn’t like them so I bought them from her.

Why is it so difficult to not wear an animal? The fact that Skechers use faux fur on their shoes should lead to them using faux leather surely. At least a good majority of their products are actually vegan, I just slipped through the cracks.


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