Hop, skip and a week to Budapest

This time next week I’ll be in Budapest. Something you need to know about me is that the closer I get to a holiday the more I dread it. It’s nothing against where I’m going, I suppose it’s more that I get homesick so easily. I make it a point to go somewhere new each year, because I do enjoy it in the end and I’m always glad I went.

I remember the first time I went away without my family. My then-boyfriend (now fiancé) and I got a good deal on a 5-day trip to Berlin back in 2010. The first night over there I couldn’t sleep and I wound up crying because this was so new to me and, I have to admit, I wanted my mammy. Silly, I know, considering I was 22 at the time. But it was a shock to the system.

So why Budapest? I’d like to say the main reason is because I’ve always wanted to see this particular city, and that is in fact one of the reasons, but the main reason is actually… Formula One.

Last year my fiancé and I decided we would like to see a Formula One race live, and so we booked Milan. We didn’t just go for the race, however, that was our compromise. I would hate to go to a country I’ve never been to before just for a race without doing any sightseeing.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t do another race weekend for a while. Even though Monza was enjoyable, it was quite exhausting, especially in the crippling Italian heat. And Budapest will be just as warm (we need a race in cool/cold weather)!

At first we were just going to grab a day ticket and simply go to the race on the Sunday, but alas we wound up getting 3-day tickets. It’s funny, I don’t want our future holidays to always depend on which races are on where, but at the same time it feels wrong going somewhere that we can’t see a race!

Anyone else have any holidays planned?


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