Budapest 2017

Budapest was amazing, what a beautiful city! The heat was crippling but not as bad as Milan was last September. Below are some pictures from our trip, hope you like them!


Our first tour was the Hospital in the Rock, which was very fascinating. We were offered coats to wear underground because temperatures went as low as 14 degrees. Being from Ireland, this was summer temperature!


Shoes on the Danube was very emotional. So many lives lost for no justifiable reason.


St. Stephen’s Basilica. Unfortunately, we missed the tour but it was still a beautiful building to witness.


I’m adding this because it ‘s so cute and a great idea. It’s a dog bar!


The Budapest Eye. We went on this on our last day.


The view from our Gold 4 stand at the Hungarian Grand Prix. This was the day of Qualifying if I recall correctly. I got sunburned pretty bad!


The Parliament Building.

I do have lots more pictures but these are the ones I wanted to post. I really encourage everyone to see this city, people are so friendly and it’s cheap too!


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