Life is risk

I wrote a story this morning – a short story about two and a half pages long. Rather than over-analyse it like I always do I finished it and took a leap. I posted it not only to Wattpad but to Reddit also (NoSleep). Even if I just got a handful of likes/upvotes I’d be happy. Constructive criticism is also welcome! Here it is for anyone who wants to read it (I would say go easy on me but it defeats the purpose!):


One thought on “Life is risk

  1. Ok, I just read it all the way through; it’s actually very accomplished in my humble opinion. Great ending line. I feel there is something missing though -but I don’t know what that is! More subtlety of emotion in the teller? Or more fine details perhaps to ground the story? More sense impressions? I don’t know; maybe it’s fine as it is.

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