30 in 30 days: day fifteen – pampered

I bought a voucher a couple of weeks back for a 2-hour pampering at a salon across the road from where I work. It involved a back, neck and head massage, a facial, and a mini pedicure and manicure. I was in desperate need of the massage! I’m always sore on Wednesdays because I do Pilates on Tuesdays.

Well I felt like royalty for two hours! The massage was amazing. The facial has left my face softer than it’s ever been. And my nails are a beautiful jet blue. I’m going to give that salon a five star review on Facebook!


30 in 30 days: day fourteen – cheddar melts

I’m a fool for mozzarella sticks so naturally I wanted to try McDonald’s cheddar melts and see if they’d be just as yummy! And they are tasty, no doubt, but mozzarella sticks are still number one!

Oh, and today is five years since we adopted my youngest dog Jessie!

30 in 30 days: day nine – sorry, not sorry

My lack of assertiveness and self esteem leads to me apologising profusely when it’s really not needed. This is especially bad in work, I really beat myself up when I make a mistake and keep saying sorry when I don’t really need to. I’m human, I make mistakes. Today I managed to get through my shift without apologising, not that I generally make tonnes of mistakes but I usually find myself saying sorry regardless. It may seem small to many but for me it was an accomplishment.