Self-motivation vs self-discipline

Nowadays my wisdom seems to come from Reddit. Now and then someone posts a comment that strikes a chord with me. In this case, the comment basically said to forget motivation and work on self-discipline instead. So I gave it a try. When my alarm went off in the mornings, I usually snoozed for about 30 minutes, which is ridiculous. I’ve once again given up on my Morning Pages due to the energy that I just don’t have, but I decided to “discipline” myself to snooze for just twenty minutes and do my morning meditation. It hasn’t always been easy. Yesterday, for example, I had been awake half the night with a migraine so my 30 minute snooze was too tempting to give up.

I find myself internally telling myself to “get up!”, sometimes in a harsh tone. Is that good or bad? I’m working on getting rid of the negativity of my thoughts but does shouting at myself to do something not hinder my progress? It seems to work, however, and I’d like to think I’m now motivated to get up especially now that I’m doing one of Headspace’s meditation packs, which is a 30-day course. I’m also meditating at night before I go to sleep. I know meditation is better sitting up (apparently) but I lie down for my nightly practices.

If I discipline myself enough, will it eventually turn into motivation? I believe that you can’t have one without the other, but I think self-discipline is a good starting point to achieving self-motivation, especially when you’re suffering from depression and energy is lacking.


Meeting trouble halfway

My Mam taught me that expression. I’m especially good at doing it; dreading something that may or may not happen. This week especially has been stressful in work and I find myself worried about not meeting certain targets when I usually do. Just one more day!

House hunting

Everyone told me that finding a house was tough part of getting a mortgage. I foolishly thought the hard part would be to find a house you like, and of course that’s part of it, but another part is finding a house you can afford. The lending rules are so strict that our choices are limited, and even the houses in our price range can go up when it becomes a bidding war. We’ve only properly looked at two houses so far; the first was gorgeous but it went up higher than we could afford, the second needed way too much work that would essentially drain us financially.

Let’s hope for lucky number three!

Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon 2018

The first time I did this marathon years back, I was determined to jog it with just a few weeks of training. Naturally I wound up walking it. My Mam and I did it two more times. It’s been two years since I’ve done it and I was hoping to jog it by now, but as you know I realised that jogging wasn’t for me. Besides, they say walking is the new running!