Yoga Glo

I’m always hearing ads on my podcasts but never really gave them much thought. I stopped doing yoga at the end of last year when the studio I attended closed down. I’ve tried apps and YouTube videos but I just couldn’t follow them. Right now I’m on a 15 day free trial for Yoga Glo, which was advertised on the Unsolved Murders podcast. I’ve done three sessions so far and I like it. It’ll be $18 per month (I think) if I decide to stick with it, but obviously I’m unsure because I’m saving every penny I have. I have to decide if it’ll be worth it!


Life on hold

When you’re saving every penny you have for a mortgage deposit, it’s hard to justify buying certain things. Everyone around me is going on nice holidays and/or buying new cars. House hunting is very disheartening right now because every house we’ve considered so far has been snapped up because we can’t compete with the high bids. I feel like we’re going to have to settle for a house that may need more than cosmetic work, so naturally, this has got me down. I don’t really have anything to look forward to, just mountains of debt.

[Self-pity rant over].