Yoga to Pilates to Yoga

I’ve been doing Pilates since the end of 2017 every Tuesday lunchtime. The studio is just around the corner from my office and it was a bargain (€30 – €40) for six classes. I started off doing Pilates on Tuesdays and yoga on Thursdays. Then my yoga studio closed down so it’s just been Pilates so far this year.

Lately, I’ve been struggling to keep up with Pilates. Tuesdays are the days I visit my grandmother after work so it’s a long day. I find I dread it too often. And I’ve been so exhausted that I’ve scared myself a few times nearly nodding off while driving. I decided to quit Pilates but I didn’t feel good about it. Not because I’d miss it, but I just felt like a quitter.

Just last week I discovered a yoga studio near where I live. It’s not as close as my previous one but it’s only about a 5-10 minute drive. They have classes on evenings and weekends. I miss yoga. I think it’s better for my mental health. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Pilates. I felt like I really got a good workout, which is what made me reluctant to quit. I’m not ruling out going back to it, perhaps somewhere else down the line.

Today was my last class and I’m hoping to start yoga either this week or next week. I wondered if I’d made the right choice but after a particularly tough class today and my excitement to get back into yoga, I believe I have.