Don’t read until you’re done

It only took me two decades of writing to finally discover what makes it difficult for me to finish writing a story. I constantly do rewrites and my computer is filled with tonnes of drafts of various stories that are unfinished.

The reason

I find myself reading over what I’ve written so far before I continue writing (which usually leads to me not continuing to write). I find flaws and decide I don’t like certain scenes, which leads me to abandon it and start a new draft. The cycle repeats and the story ends up being left unfinished.

I realise I just have to keep writing until the end and then read over what I’ve written. First drafts are supposed to be bad but just knowing that I finished writing a story will be such an achievement.

Why did it take me so long to realise this?


9 thoughts on “Don’t read until you’re done

  1. It’s a hard lesson to learn. I started writing something decades ago. I finished a draft of the first part and the ending, but can’t seem to do the middle. I put it away with all intentions of working on the middle, but every time I go back to it I just fiddle with the middle and the end.

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