Pay us and you’ll feel better

I’ve ranted about this before, so I do apologise. But I recently read an article listing the best apps to download for your mental health. Now I absolutely LOVE apps so of course I read the article and downloaded about 6/8 apps mentioned.

Only TWO of them didn’t require a subscription.

Even a free version wasn’t available, instead these apps opt for free trials whereby you must give your payment details and they hope you forget not to cancel it when the trial ends. To me, that’s a scam and should be done away with.

Don’t get me wrong, I do have a few app subscriptions now: Headspace and Memrise (I’ve cancelled the latter because I don’t think it’s really helping me learn German that well). And I understand where they’re coming from, you have to make money somehow. So, I’m not against subscriptions entirely, but the app must have something worth subscribing for. One app promised better mental health. I don’t believe anyone can promise that because it’s on the part of the user to improve their own mental health. If they’d promised better mental health provided you follow these steps religiously, then that might be better.

Anyway, that’s my rant over. Anyone else subscribe to apps? Mental health or otherwise?


First world problems: when you don’t get what you were expecting

I feel quite spoilt when I react negatively to what are classed as “first world problems”. For example, I was devastated on Saturday when I forgot to charge my phone meaning I couldn’t listen to podcasts or Spotify during my trek into the city centre because it was only drain it completely. And it turned out not to be so bad, I got to hear a guy getting fined for not having a tram ticket give the name ‘Jimmy Tits’!

But it was yesterday that got me. M and I decided to order Chinese and I was looking forward to my beef curry (no onions) and chips (fries). It took an hour to arrive but I knew it’d be worth it. Now M is notorious for pretending something is wrong when it’s not just to be funny. And when he opened the bag of food and frowned, I thought this was one of those times. But no, they had forgotten to include my chips. I was disappointed to say the least. A rational person would’ve called the Chinese restaurant and reported it, or gone up to any of the Chinese restaurants close by and gotten some. Instead I just ate my curry while seething.

Then I cried. I’m trying to work on accepting things as they are but I threw all that out the window yesterday. And I’m still a little salty about it (no pun intended!) even though I know it’s silly, but I was really looking forward to those chips!

What’s your first world problem?

#14DayStoicChallenge Day 14: Do something good (for someone else, for your community)

Today’s the last day and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t overly impressed with all the challenges. Some of them felt quite lazy. Perhaps they should put more thought into them because I imagine they’ll have another one.

As I mentioned, at the end of the last Stoic Challenge I lost my dog Poppy. This challenge hasn’t been without its heartbreak either. My youngest dog Jessie was diagnosed with a severe heart murmur last week and she’s having trouble eating now and then due to a possible growth in her throat. The 23rd marks six years since we adopted her from a local dog shelter. There’s been too much heartbreak in my family and I can’t bear to lose another member of my family. But I’m going to stop acting like she’s already gone and cherish every moment I have with her.

As for today’s challenge, the opportunity presented itself when the very dog shelter we adopted Jessie from asked me to help out with fundraising on Saturday. I do this as much as I can but last year I neglected it. I’ve made a promise to myself to make more of an effort this year and so I’ve signed up for Saturday. For Jessie.

#14DayStoicChallenge Day 12: Commit to tithing to people in need

I noticed a lot of examples this challenge gave are all to do with money, mainly anonymous donations. I assume animal charities don’t count. What I can do is give some unwanted clothes to the local clothes bank, which I’ve been doing for years because it’s such a waste throwing out clothes that are still wearable but are perhaps now too small or big for me, or I just haven’t worn it in so long that I can’t justify keeping it. Trust me, I’d love to give money but it’s not always possible, and I do tend to focus more on animal charities.

#14DayStoicChallenge Day 11: Pay it forward: teach someone about Stoicism

It didn’t occur to me that I could post an article about stoicism here to teach anyone who isn’t familiar with it. M certainly doesn’t care for it and I got a sleepy emoticon when I sent it to my mam. I’d rather teach someone who wants to know about it rather than preach if they’re clearly not interested. So for anyone who’s like to explore this topic, here is an article to get you started: