My 12-year-old dog Jessie sadly passed away last Thursday. She had been very ill between her diabetes, blindness, heart murmur, growth in her throat, one side of her head sinking and crushing down on her eye. We only had her for six years after adopting her at six years old following the death of our last dog Sheba.

I’ve always been there when we say goodbye to our pets but my mam made the tough decision to send Jessie over Rainbow Bridge herself. I’ll admit I was angry at first, devastated that I would never see my dog again, but I can understand now that putting it off would’ve only prolonged her suffering.

Some of you may remember that I only lost my other dog Poppy back in October, which was soon followed by the death of my grandmother. They say bad things come in threes and it would seem that that’s been the case for my mam and me. Now that I’ve moved out, the house is empty for my mam. Our cat Ali is not the lovable type most of the time so she’s of little comfort. She’ll adopt again but Jessie will never be forgotten.

Something curious happened two days before Jessie passed. I arrived home and received a nasty shock when I found a full-grown sparrow in my kitchen. My cat Oreo had been chasing the poor thing around for God knows how long – there were feathers everywhere. It must’ve come down the chimney. I let it out and the vet assured me if it flew out it was likely alright. Everyone seemed most surprised at the fact that it was a full grown bird and not a baby that had simply fallen from the nest on my roof. Then on Saturday, two days after Jessie’s passing, my sister-in-law revealed to me an Old Wives Tale that suggests a bird entering a home is a warning that a death will occur in the family. Was that why a fully grown bird somehow came down my chimney?

I miss Jessie terribly and as I heal I feel guilty. Should I be healing so soon? I can only assure myself that she’s in a better place with Poppy and Sheba and the devastatingly long list of other pets I’ve lost in my lifetime. There has to be something beyond this.


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