Going Cruelty-Free #3: Feminine Hygiene (Warning: NO BOYS!)

It may seem that my posts are aimed at women mostly, but my previous entries apply to men also, as each product/store I’ve listed are gender neutral, but also have products aimed at men specifically. This post, however, is aimed at women exclusively (for good reason!).

For me, the biggest challenge was finding cruelty-free tampons, sanitary towels and pantyliners. I spent hours Googling options that seemed primarily based in America. I couldn’t help but imagine a package arriving for me filled with feminine hygiene products! Was online shopping my only option?


Once I discovered that Superdrug’s own brand products were cruelty-free, I figured this was my best option. However, when I took the products I needed, I couldn’t help but notice that there was no Leaping Bunny symbol on them, on any of the feminine hygiene products. Rather than hope for the best, I decided to contact Customer Care through email. They assured me that any Superdrug product with the Silver Star symbol on it has not been tested on animals. This didn’t reassure me. If they took the time to put the Leaping Bunny symbol on their other own-brand products, why omit it on their feminine hygiene products? So if you decide to invest in this product, just be aware that it is not certain whether or not it’s been tested on animals. An enquiry to Leaping Bunny might be worth the effort.Superdrug01


Natracare is a Leaping Bunny approved product, one of which I figured would not be available in Ireland, but this was not the case. Their website has the most accurate Store Locator section I have come across. Usually Store Locators focus on their mother countries but Natracare gave me a comprehensive map of where I can purchase Natracare products in Ireland, and it turns out, there is a LOT of retailers selling their products, one of which is in my home town.

You can find Natracare in most health food stores, selected pharmacies and almost all eco-friendly oriented stores. Natracare’s sanitary towels and pantyliners are reasonably priced, however, the tampons can be pricey, depending on whether you want applicator or non-applicator. Unfortunately, my local health store does not currently sell the applicator tampons, so I am forced to go further afield, but for the reassurance that no animals suffered to produce this product, it’s worth it.


Tesco is not listed on Leaping Bunny’s website, but I have heard snippets from different sources that their products are not tested on animals. They were my first choice when I went cruelty-free. Their tampons are the exact same shape and material as Natracare and Superdrug, so this could suggest that all three brands are in fact cruelty-free.

Feel free to do your own investigation and if you come across concrete evidence on whether or not Superdrug and Tesco are cruelty-free, please let me know in the comments!