Pudsey the Dog: predictable, yet heart-warming

If you’re not familiar with Pudsey, then where have you been? Pudsey is the 2013 winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2013, and now he has his own movie simply titled: Pudsey the Dog.

The movie sees Pudsey wandering the streets of London alone after being fired from his job as the dog in a black and white film (do they still make those?). Pudsey is happy to be a lone ranger and explores London doing what dogs usually do… Well, maybe dogs aren’t actually allowed on the London Eye, but one can dream! It is during his solo adventure when he meets the misunderstood Molly, the often irritating George, and sulky Tommy, who take him under their wing…before their mother chucks him out again!

A twist of fate sees Pudsey joining the family as they move from London to Chuffington, a homely little village in England’s countryside. This is where we meet a range of cliché characters including the dreamy farmhand, Jack, and the evil, dog-hating landlord, Mr. Thorne.

The plot itself is very predictable: Mr. Thorne plans to tear down the cottage he has just received new tenants into (as you do!) and place a large shopping centre in its place (because this homely village consisting of about fifty people needs such a thing!). Pudsey discovers the evil plot, but being a dog, the family cannot understand him. So it’s up to Pudsey!

It is the furry characters that make this film entertaining. Pudsey’s love of sausages and his knack for getting into mischief delivers the majority of the laughs, with David Walliams providing his cockney vocals. The film also ensures that Pudsey’s award-winning talent of dancing fits into almost any scene he wishes, and for the most part, it works, because what moment doesn’t call for a dog dancing and twirling on his hind legs?

Unfortunately, the human actors drew the short straw script-wise and delivered forced and often cringe-worthy performances. The mixture of accents, from English to Irish to Scottish, is also a little off-putting.

As a children’s film, it is a worthwhile watch. As for dog lovers, it is best to keep in mind that you’re there for the four-legged actors, not the two -legged!


Pudsey the Dog is in cinemas 14 July 2014