Going Cruelty Free #5: Nail Care

I rarely wear nail varnish because I just can’t coat my nails properly, plus I find it starts chipping almost immediately. What I’ll be talking about in this entry is nail care, rather than nail colour. My nails are always breaking, the slightest impact on them and they’re chipping. I expressed this concern to a former colleague of mine and she suggested I use Sally Hansen nail hardener. At the time, of course, I didn’t know whether or not Sally Hansen tested on animals. So I bought a bottle. I was delighted with the results, my nails were much more solid and didn’t break as easily. Problem solved!

Now that I’m going cruelty-free, however, I must look for an alternative because Sally Hansen is certainly not cruelty-free. The stories I’ve heard about them are horrific and I won’t repeat them here. I first tried health food stores and I would like to list the products they stock, which doesn’t include nail hardener, but which do look after your nails and possibly strengthen them in the long run.

  • Dr. Hauschka
  • Tisserand
  • Solo
  • NHP
  • Phyto
  • Solgar
  • Thursday Plantation
  • AHA Nail Clear

All of these brands are available in Irish health stores and/or on Evergreen.ie. But back to my nail hardener solution. Unfortunately Lush didn’t have anything of the sort, on their website at least, so I went with, you guessed it, Superdrug!

While Superdrug’s own brand nail care is limited, they do stock nail hardener, which does not use the same horrific methods that Sally Hansen does to ensure that it works. So if you’re like me and your nails are breaking easily and constantly, your cruelty-free options are plentiful.