Going Cruelty-Free: Facial Moisturiser – Skindrink by Lush

I’m still searching for the perfect cruelty-free facial moisturiser that doesn’t make me want to tear my skin off. As I mentioned in my Cruelty-Free series, my first choice (and recommendation) was Celestial by Lush. For the first few weeks, I didn’t have a problem with it, though it didn’t achieve the softness I was hoping for for my extremely dry skin. After around two months, I found Celestial started to make me itch terribly. It got so bad that I was forced to give the remainder of the moisturiser to my sister-in-law who has less sensitive skin than I do, and is a Lush fan!

Back to the drawing board

I returned to Lush and spoke with one of the sales staff. When I told her of my dry skin and my previous recommendation of Celestial, she quickly informed me that Celestial was not great for dry skin. Conflicting reports! She recommended three moisturisers to me, each one increasing in price as high as €50. I decided to give myself time to think about it, though what I should’ve done was request samples of each. I couldn’t tell there and then that the creams wouldn’t irritate my face.Lush Skindrink

Trial and error

Upon my return to Lush the following week, I tried a sample of the cheapest recommendation given to me: Skindrink. Knowing I was taking a risk, I simply wandered the store until I could tell if the cream might irritate me. I couldn’t believe how soft my skin felt after using it. Of course I was going to buy it! Perhaps I would get away with not paying a fortune for the right moisturiser.

Three weeks later, I’m sad to say that Skindrink does not suit my skin. It makes me itchy every time I use it. I still have a tonne left and I’m a bit reluctant to simply give this one away also so I keep using. A masochist, I seem to be. Or perhaps I’m hopeful that the itching will stop and it will miraculously be the moisturiser I’ve been searching for my whole life!


Going Cruelty Free #2 Skincare

You could fill up a book with the different types of skincare available today. I’m guilty of using quite a bit myself. My products include:

  • Cleanser
  • Moisturiser
  • Toner (now and again)
  • Body Lotion
  • Hand Cream
  • Sun Cream (in the summer)
  • Shaving Gel
  • Body Wash
  • Lip Balm
  • Deodorant


My first choice for cleansers and moisturisers was Lush once again, and for the same reason (natural ingredients). I have terribly dry and sensitive skin, especially around my nose. Unfortunately, the moisturiser I have chosen, Celestial, does not help my skin condition. My nose is still itchy and dry. It was one of the three moisturisers recommended to me, so I will keep trying because it’s foolish to think that you’ll find the perfect skincare product on your first purchase.

The cleanser I chose was Ultrabland, bland being the operative word. It has no particular smell off of it. I found it to be quite a change from my previous cleansers, which allowed me to simply squirt what I needed onto a cotton pad and wipe my face with it. However, with Lush cleansers, they come in pots and they require you to spread the cream onto your face and then wipe off with a cotton pad. Freaky!

Before I ever stepped into Lush, I devoured the reviews on their website. It was these reviews that put me off buying shaving cream there. Unfortunately, with Lush you can’t simply try it for yourself due to the high prices, unless you have money to burn of course. While the shaving products were commended for their enticing smells, on the shaving side, they weren’t effective.

It wasn’t reviews that put me off their sun protection products, it was simply that they didn’t have a high enough SPF for my ridiculously sunburn-prone skin!Lush Logo

I did indulge in their hand cream, Love and Light, which smells very strongly of oranges. Orange is not my favourite smell, but you get used to it real quick. I sampled other hand creams in Lush, but this was the one I chose because it wasn’t heavy, hene the name!

And finally, body lotion, I bought Sympathy for the Skin, which I’m convinced smells like ice cream (no one else agrees with me), and I love it. It comes in a large pot and is really lasting.

Other Options


Superdrug have their own limited range of skincare, even for sensitive skin. I was weary of trying them only because I have had such bad luck in finding a moisturiser that doesn’t irritate my skin. I did, however, indulge in their shower wash range. I bought three different scents of body wash, Coconut, Bubblegum and Shea Butter, for €2,25! Bargain!

I have also invested in their deodorant range, with a Buy One Get One Free offer.

They stock all of the above, as well as Masks, Night Creams, Serums, Body Butters, etc. Their ranges include treatments for dry skin, which is my next choice after Lush.


The JASON range stocks most of the above, including Cremes, Gluten Free products, Body Wash, Hand Soap, Hand & Body Lotions, etc. I have indulged in their Sun Care range, as their highest SPF is 45. They also sell an insect repellant spray, which is always handy!

The Body Shop

In their skincare range, The Body Shop stock most of the above, including Cleansers, Exfoliators, Eye Care, Facial Oils, Lip Care, Toners, Treatments, etc.

burtsbees logoBurts Bees*

Skincare range includes Washes & Soaps, Body Lotions, Bath Oils/Crystals, Hand/Foot/Sun Care, Cleaners, Moisturisers, Eye Creams, etc.

*Burt’s Bees range is also available in Marks & Spencer


Eucerin’s skincare range is based on your skin type (dry, sensitive, uneven, etc). Their range includes Cleaners/Toners, Eye Care, Lip Care, Hand & Foot Care and Sun Care (highest SPF is 50).

Products that need more investigation:

I haven’t mentioned Marks & Spencer above because I haven’t concluded my research into what skincare products they stock, not because they test them on animals.

Yes to Carrots

Same as previous entry.

Again, if you feel I have left anything out, please feel free to mention so in the comments below. I hope you found this entry helpful!